Growing community in a garden!


Albany Victory Gardens was established to fight for food equality through the development of spaces that enable teaching, recreational to subsistence gardening, and access to food for urgent community food needs.


We have 3 main program areas that were designed around these efforts…

  1. Partnership Gardens:  Experienced gardeners and new participants share garden plots to grow a more sustainable community by working together and sharing in the fruits of their collective labors. The tradition of sharing knowledge and experiential gardening wisdom can bridge social, economic and diversity gaps as well as enable self reliance and access to nutritious food.
  2. Abundance planting: A volunteer planting area to help meet urgent food needs. This service/learning program is being established to aid our neighbors in need through supporting community meal programs with food donations from our Abundance Planting Garden.                        All gardens are free for the homeless, veterans, low-income and those living in food deserts; with a 50 hour yearly participation in our Abundance Planting Garden.
  3. Subsistence Gardens: Personal or family garden plots. These organic gardens can be used to produce food and herbs for consumption, sharing, donation or sales at our soon to be AVG farm stand. These plots come in various sizes tailored to the need of the participant. Unlike the free Partnership Gardens, Subsistence Garden plots have a required donation amount based on size and income. Plots start out at $50 or 50 hours of volunteer time in the Abundance Planting Program.

To get involved please fill out a signup sheet! 

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