About Us

 Albany Victory Gardens is a Community Partnership Organic Sustainable Food System Project of the Eden’s was founded by local Albany City residents to create food access and increase community unity and self sufficiency.

The project is taking place on a 13 formerly vacant lots in Albany’s West Hill at Quail and First St . This was the optimal location providing secure access to a variety of diverse communities in the City of Albany



Capacity building for up and coming gardeners is made possible through partnership gardens led by sponsor volunteers. shared plots provide garden experience, food and fellowship for sponsors and participants


The NEW Albany Victory Gardens!

Can your love of gardening change the whole world?

It sure can, and it starts here and now! Join the new community gardening project going on in our area, the Albany Victory Gardens, located in Albany’s West Hill Neighborhood.

The name comes from the Victory Gardens during WWI and WWII. The Victory we are talking about today is victory over hunger. It has become a struggle for some to access nutritious food and maintain a healthy diet. In our minds, a victory would come in the form of unity as we grow a community that not only creates a sense of togetherness but educates people on how to garden, grow healthy foods and spread the word to others.

The two main parts of this project are subsistence food gardens and abundance planting. To achieve these goals, we are looking for people to help in one of three ways:

  • Be a garden partners, which means you’re looking for land and ready to grow;
  • Be a mentor or garden sponsor, who will help engage with other participants that may be new to gardening; and
  • Volunteer to help with abundance planting to meet urgent community food needs.

Anyone who wants to get involved in this ambitious and exciting project can call 518.504.SEED (7333), or e-mail Albany Victory Gardens.

Happy Planting!

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